Alteryx in a few words

Alteryx in a few words

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By Pierre-Olivier Baud

Alteryx is a partner we have chosen for our clients for many reasons. Discover some of them in the following article, written by Pierre-Olivier Baud, who recently passed the Alteryx Certified Partner accreditation.

Manipulating data in a company is never an easy task. Indeed, the sources often have disparate structures and wrong or incomplete information. Let’s not forget the inconsistency of data formatting, granulometry differences, etc … Should I keep going ?

Traditionnaly, solving these problems take approximately 80% to 90% of a Business Analyst working time.Therefore,only 10% to 20% of his time is dedicated to analysing and finding solutions for the decisions makers.

Alteryx, is a data processing platform. It gives power back to the end user, to better manage their databy simplifying,accelarating and improving data processing. How ?

No code

Alteryx simply works by clicking & droping embedded tool to create workflows.That means, no code !You get to forget about instable Excel Macros, no need to learn VBA, SQL, R nor Python.

The ‘Swiss knife’ of data

The simplycity of use is applied all throughout the data processing chain : connexion, preparation, juncture, analysis, prediction/prescription, reports creation …

To each steps, you get to use the best that exists!

It also is extremily impressive and novel when it comes to machine learning.

A clear workflow

May the one who never got lost in all their Excel sheets,formulas and macros cast the first stone !

Alteryx is incredibly satisfaying when it comes to the overall workflow vision it allows, as well as, the precise documentation of the applied processes to each step (before/after).

Power and stability

Alteryx does not have limits when it comes to the size of the processed data base or the size of the reports created …

The patform is very stable and the automatization of workflows is easily programmable.

Multi-extension reports

Alteryx has the capacity to create reports in other formats, which allows sharing on different softwares.

Example : files .hyper for Tableau Software, with direct linkage leverage of Tableau’s display capabilities to Alteryx’s processing power .

Cherry on top, the Alteryx Community, dynamic and in constant progress,  allows numerous and fruitful exchange with other Alteryx users. Its only waiting for you to join !