Data Science in two words

Data Science in two words

Data Science en deux mots avec homme qui tape sur un clavier
By Pierre-Olivier Baud
video and animations by Clara Bouton

Data Science fundamentals

To predict: equipment failure, consumers’ buying behavior, chances of success of a new product, risk of departing customers, …

To recommend: new stores locations, production lines to reduce cost of non-conformity…

To predict (predictive) and recommend (prescriptive) are the two essentials contributions of Data Science, that is only just starting to spread throughout organizations.

Data Science and our partner, Alteryx

In 2018, Alteryx was awarded as the Data Science and Machine Learning solution most appreciated by consumers worldwide (reference study by Gartner).

This award is all but a surprise to the Alteryx users. Indeed, the comprehensive data processing platform offers more than 60 embedded Data Science tool, making it hard to revert back to any other software.

These embedded tools mean there is no need for coding. A highly appreciated aspect of the software… First, by the Business Analysts who can, with a simple click&drop and no skills in programming R/Python, project their expertise in the future.

Then, the Data Scientists, also are winners in the situation. They have the opportunity to reduce the less added value part of their daily activity (repetitive coding), all the while, adding directly their most sophisticated scripts in Alteryx’s workflows. If the solution is “no code” for the non-experts, it remains “code friendly” for advanced Data Scientists.

We find in this part of Data Science, Alteryx’s DNA, which it’s notoriety was build upon: do simpler and more intuitive, while not compromising on performance. The key idea: bring faster answers to organizations and companies.

If you wish to discover more about Yoono’s solutions, reach out to us ! Our entire team will happily answer your questions. In the meantime, if you are curious, you can download the free trial version of Alteryx by clicking on the button below.