Get inspired by the little things

Get inspired by the little things

kids playing with block toys
By Clara Bouton

Disclosure: The following article was originally written in English. The French version might have been partially or completely translated by an automatic translator.

Ever wondered where to find a data set? Something that would finally inspire you to create a great DataViz? You get online and, in the end, you don’t know where to start? Here is a little tip to help you…

Sometimes, trying to find the right data set to use is hard. About as hard as picking which movie you want to watch on Netflix… You scroll, and scroll over a multitude of options and you just can’t pick one. But what if, we were to start off small…

Go with what you like

If you start to work with something you are passionate about, you’ll naturally be inspired. Passion is always your best tool to communicate with people.

Pick a subject you are comfortable with, chances are you will already know where to find information. Whether it’s about your favorite TV shows or music… Perhaps your favorite sports’ team?

You know the data. It’s the number of seasons and number of episodes you’ve watched, it’s how long an episode lasts… You have the data. It’s there, right under your nose. The only thing is: it does not look like usable data yet. Truth is, this is where the work will get a (tiny little bit) tedious. You will have to enter your data in Excel, if you weren’t able to find prepared data online.

Quantity does not equal quality!

As mentioned above, you’ll have to get to work (yup’ you can’t avoid that, sorry). Yet, it does not mean you will have a lot of it.

Sometimes less is more.

You do not necessarily need lots of columns and lots of lines to be able to create a great Viz. Still, if you have to create your own data set, know that it will take some time. Especially at first, but once you get organized, you will be fine.

That’s the key: be organized. Know where you want to go, what you want to do with your data before losing yourself to an Excel fever! If you have somewhat of an idea as to what you want to share with your reader, you will save time when “constructing” your data set.

Stun Your Readers

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.

You won’t need a lot of complex information if you know how to pick your subject AND if you know how to present it in an innovative way. Curiosity is human nature! Play that card! The simplest information might strike a chord with your reader if you were able to catch is eye, get him hooked… Tips to do that?

A good looking Viz is the first step. Take time on visuals. Then make sure your viz is interactive! Adults remain children at hearts. Who says we can’t have fun?

We remember information better when we get to experience it.

Next post…

If you are not tired of reading yet, know that my next post will illustrate this article. It will showcase my viz about cocktails (get excited about that!) and how i came about to create it.

Thank you for reading all this! You’re awesome!