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More than what we do, it’s what we make possible !

Save time, you will no longer need to spend hours and hours on blogs and forums online !

With sessions of one or two days, our trainers will share with you their passion and their technical knowledge that will allow you to master the different products made available by our editors. Discover-them with our trial version or by contacting us !


What can we do for you today ?

With a double experience both with the products and on the field, our trainers are available for each step of your project.

We intervene during the planning phase, the preparation of your data, infrastructure deployment, dashboard creation … You are unique, just like your project and this is why, we adapt our services to your needs, from a few days to a few weeks or a few months.

You know what ? We would love to hear from you !

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Yoono is a partner of three specialized editors in data preparation, visualization, analysis and in augmented intelligence.

Yoono is your prefered contact when buying Tableau Software, Alteryx and MondoBrain licences.