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Tableau changes the way you think about data

Data is the key to your competitiveness.
Get the power of visual analysis with Tableau.

Try Tableau… You will be amazed!
From connection through collaboration, Tableau is the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform for your data. 

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YOONO is there for yoo

Yoono chose Tableau has a prefered partner for our clients.
With multiple products, Tableau allows you and your team to analyse your data easily.
When Yoono trains you to use Tableau, we go beyond teaching you how to use softwares…
We help you create a culture of analytics among your team.
Connect data and employees to transform your company.


Yoono is a Bronze Reseller of Tableau. They trust us to provide you with the best solutions. From Tableau Prep to Tableau Online, we sell all types of licenses. 


You have a defined project but don’t know where to start ?
We developp a solution with Tableau that will answer your needs. 


Now that you have Tableau, you want to harness its full potential ?
YOONO is a Certified Partner on Tableau Desktop and has over 10 years of experience. We make sure to adapt our content and allow your entire team to connect with your data. As part of our quality chart, we are referenced in the Datadock.


You want your data to be hosted in France rather than the United States ?
Then our hosting offer is meant for you ! Reach out to us for more information.

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Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep allows you to prepare your data for future analysis. Fast and easy, your team can intuitively organize and clean your data.
Tableau Prep contains two products: Tableau Prep Builder and Tableau Prep Conductor.

Tableau Desktop

Interactive dashbords, with stunning visuals enables you to explore your data like never before. Identify new opportunities, find answers you seek and share information with your team, faster and more precisely.

Tableau Server

Tableau Server brings the freedom to explore data to your entire organization. With an easy deployement, robust integration, simple scadability and excellent reliability, your IT department will love it ! As for the rest of your team, they will analyse freely the data in a secure environement, non-limited by pre-defined questions or templates.

Tableau Online

You wish to be free as the wind ? Tableau Online is the right solution. Your analytics platform is hosted on the cloud. Everything is easily acessible from a browser or a mobile app. Tableau Online also means you skip set up time and hardward cost.

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