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Jérôme Bouton

Founder, Trainer & Consultant

Kevin ChanTing

Trainer & Consultant

Pierre-Olivier Baud

Associate & Consultant

Clara Bouton

Marketing and Sales Manager

Pierre-Alain Oriot

Business Developer

This is what we believe in…


Yes, yoo can !

At Yoono, we have a dream… making sure DATA is accessible to everyone. Whether you are an analyst, business developer, buyer, IT professional or a CEO… In case you have a Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook account or not… If you prefer to read your books on a tablet or on paper… Our purpose is to give meaning to your Data. We get straight to the point. Without headaches. You will become your own DATA Superhero!


Being crazy, just might be good for yoo !

Here, at Yoono, the entire team is crazy about DATA. We have a DATA Rockstar, a BI-Joe, a DATA Diva … Being passionate is essential ! We firmly believe that being passionate is key to share a knowledge. Going towards the other, live moments of exchange in order to build something together and find the best solutions. We are proud to turn you into a DATA Addict !


DATA is our world vioo

Curiosity is a fantastic flaw ! At least, that is how we interpret things at Yoono HQ. We like curiosity as it compels you to look forward and not settle for what is. It is about questioning who we are, over and over again, in order to always be the best version of ourselves. It is also because we are so curious, that we are always on the look out for new solutions around the world in order to answer tomorrow’s problems. With Yoono, curiosity never sounded so good !


Together we will see it throo

What do we promise ? Efficiency.

Yes, we do love you, but we love seeing you succeed on your own even more ! Our mission is to train you, accompany you and then let you thrive on your own. Don’t be sad ! We are still a big family. Even if we only see each other at new year’s eve, anniversaries or just passing by during a conference, we will always be glad to see you !

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